Find out what real-life users have to say after experiencing the Recharge Room.
“Upon leaving, my shoulders drooped, my head felt light, my legs felt like Jello… and all in a good way! I carry tension in my shoulders so I often feel like they’re only a few inches from my ears most days! Today I felt relaxed and tension free! My headache from earlier in the day had gone away and I just felt an overall calm in my body that I usually only get on vacation! If we have support like this available, it will definitely help me extend my career. I’m currently at 19 years and I didn’t think I could go any further but thanks to the recharge room. I’m going to make 25 years to retirement.”

“The red light therapy was warming & calming and the vagus nerve stimulation was wonderful. I felt like it was shaking away the negative and allowing me to breathe in more of the positive! I felt awesome!”

“Wonderful!!!!!! Easy and fast! I can see how this can have a positive impact on ALL Public servants! Thank you!”

“This was exactly what I needed! It made me feel refreshed at the end of my day.”

“Wonderful!!! With this type of care and treatment, it will definitely encourage me to work a longer career.”

“This was incredible! Much needed for all staff members!”

“Enjoyable experience! It gives me hope I can last longer in this profession.”

“It was very relaxing and will help me deal with the stress of the job and enable me to do it longer and more efficiently.”

“The entire experience was very positive, between the words of encouragement to the actual services. I feel wonderful and look forward to more ”

“Very calm and relaxing. I can picture doing this during the school year to help with stressful days!”

“Not only was this a great experience, but everyone explained the process in such a way that I looked forward to it all weekend. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Thank you so much for allowing us to take part in this.”

“It was a great reminder to stop, pause, and be present. It’s also very helpful to have the reminder of slow deep breaths, and how that can completely calm you down.”

“Felt great to step away, relax, and just have a peaceful moment. The immediate effects feel great and I hope to see more from the long term effects as well!”

“As a psychologist this was a great reminder of how wonderful mindfulness and the stimulation of the vagus nerve can be. I came in tense, but left relaxed and ready to continue to tackle my day. Having gone through EMDR therapy, this had similar effects and a similar experience. It would be great to have more access to this!”

“Everyone in The Recharge Room was incredibly kind and positive. This is the first time in a very long time I felt like someone truly cared about our well-being.”

“It was amazing. I really needed something for myself. I’ve had a lot of anxiety for a lot of different reasons this year, but right now I feel amazing.”

“This is such a great benefit. I was skeptical — it’s hard to turn off my brain and it doesn’t happen often. But for 10 minutes today I was able to completely relax and recharge. For 10 minutes I had a real break. And although it was only 10 minutes, it felt much longer. This is a tremendous benefit. Thank you!

“Amazing! I feel recharged and ready to accomplish my many afternoon tasks!”

“What a wonderful experience! The feeling of relaxation was setting in and I didn’t want the session to end!”

“This would be such a valuable asset to all employees. I would sign up regularly!”